matching " STELLOX 7101331SX"

There are 50 replacement for STELLOX 7101331SX. The cross references are for general reference only, please check for correct specifications and measurements for your application.

BrandPart numberAttributes
STELLOX7101331SXFilter type:Filter Insert
Height [mm]:290
Inner diameter [mm]:67
Outer diameter [mm]:163,5

List of common replacement numbers (50)

CASE IH 066337CASE IH 1000115
CASE IH 1336122C1CASE IH 203418
CASE IH 203418HCASE IH 203418H1
CASE IH 204002H1CASE IH 204439
CASE IH 204439H1CASE IH 280745R92
CASE IH 3035558R1CASE IH 3066498
CASE IH 3066498R92CASE IH 3125199R1
CASE IH 3125199R2CASE IH 3133241R1
CASE IH 380348CASE IH 380348R91
CASE IH 380348R93CASE IH 380744
CASE IH 380744R91CASE IH 380745R92
CASE IH 380746R93CASE IH 381343
CASE IH 381843CASE IH 383728
CASE IH 383728R91CASE IH 383812R93
CASE IH 384712R93CASE IH 384812
CASE IH 384812R91CASE IH 384812R92
CASE IH 384812R93CASE IH 384912R93
CASE IH 387311R91CASE IH 38781R91
CASE IH 387981R91CASE IH 388086R91
CASE IH 389290CASE IH 389291
CASE IH 389567CASE IH 395540
CASE IH 395540R91CASE IH 395540R92
CASE IH 397173R91CASE IH 397193
CASE IH 397193R91CASE IH 405118R91
CASE IH 405916CASE IH 405916R1

The Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.