matching " STELLOX 7101363SX"

There are 50 replacement for STELLOX 7101363SX. The cross references are for general reference only, please check for correct specifications and measurements for your application.

BrandPart numberAttributes
STELLOX7101363SXFilter type:Filter Insert
Height [mm]:317,5
Inner diameter [mm]:88,5
Outer diameter [mm]:199

List of common replacement numbers (50)

CASE IH 1966965C1CASE IH 20850539
CASE IH 222260CASE IH 222260H1
CASE IH 224636CASE IH 3031563R1
CASE IH 3031563R91CASE IH 3124338R1
CASE IH 3125342R1CASE IH 3125342R2
CASE IH 3125432R2CASE IH 3130920R91
CASE IH 382263R92CASE IH 383260R91
CASE IH 387263CASE IH 387263R91
CASE IH 388025R91CASE IH 388025R92
CASE IH 388625R91CASE IH 389263
CASE IH 389263R91CASE IH 389263R92
CASE IH 423217C1CASE IH 450504
CASE IH 507221CASE IH 80201
CASE IH 850550CASE IH 880307C91
CASE IH 886019CASE IH 886019C91
CASE IH 894639H1CASE IH 92266451
CASE IH 922840C91CASE IH 942625C1
CASE IH A034445CASE IH A034545
CASE IH A037975CASE IH A040866
CASE IH A040871CASE IH A042278
CASE IH A34445CASE IH A34545
CASE IH A37975CASE IH A40866
CASE IH A40871CASE IH A42278
CASE IH A46947CASE IH A48141

The Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.