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A air intake system is one of the aftermarket products that can make your vehicle more powerful, or help it run more efficiently. A air intake system is designed to feed cool air into the car’s engine. Because it has shorter and smoother piping and has strategic filter placement it can bring cooler air into the car’s engine than what a non-cold air intake system can provide. Cold air is more ideal for engine induction since it is denser than hot air. The icy cold air flowing into the engine combusts much quicker and easier than hot air from the usual stock airbox.

Since cold air intake systems directly bring air into the engine, any issues that may come up with it over time can also cause other issues, particularly with the drivability of your car. When an issue with your cold air intake arises, it also comes with other symptoms that may alert you of a potential problem that should be checked. Check Dooxi air intake system from this page, shop the best one for your vehicles.