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The car filter usually contains fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, cabin air filter, these filters are in different position of car, which keep the engine efficient operation and comfortable driving experience.

1. There are various impurities in the fuel, and a certain amount of dirt will be deposited when the fuel tank is used for a long time. The function of the fuel filter is to filter the above-mentioned impurities, and keep engine efficient.

2. Oil filter in the engine to improve its cleanliness and lubricity, reducing the wear of the engine and making it perform its best function.

3. The air filter can be compared to the breathing system of a car. It is used to remove air impurities and dust particles from the engine.

4. Cabin air filter filter the air from the outside to improve the cleanliness of the air, and protects the health of the people in the car, also prevents glass from fogging.