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An EGR delete kit is an aftermarket part assembly that removes a vehicle’s EGR system. If you’re a diesel truck owner and want to improve engine longevity and overall performance, you may want to invest in or consider an EGR delete kit. The kit allows your truck’s diesel engine to run cleaner, last longer, and improve performance. It also removes the risk of engine damage due to the EGR system.

Installing an EGR delete kit reduces costs on repairs and fuel costs, as well as decreases soot deposits that an EGR valve produces. The EGR delete kit installs easily on most diesel engines and increases performance almost immediately after installation.

There are a number of key differences you’ll notice after having an EGR delete kit installed. First of all, your engine is going to be a lot more powerful. As mentioned above, EGR valves limit efficiency and rob engines of their performance. Check Dooxi EGR delete kit for your vehicle, top quality and factory pirce, shop now!