By purchasing high-quality car air filters, ensure that the engine breathes easily. First of all, you need to know what are the best-selling filters on the market. We will collect detailed information for you and provide high-quality filters for you to choose.

What is Air Filters?

Universal air filter

The universal air filter can not only improve the performance and horsepower of the vehicle, but also provides flexibility in the design of your brand and model of air-conditioning intake system. The universal air filter is suitable for a variety of system design types and configurations. Most of these general-purpose air filters can be fixed on existing air intake systems without matching the exact size. General-purpose air filters are relatively cheap, so they also have economic advantages.

Custom air filter

Like universal air filters, custom air filters can bring significant benefits in terms of improving vehicle performance and horsepower. However, they are specifically designed for your brand and model. Although these custom adjustment options can be more expensive, they are manufactured in a way that fits your particular vehicle perfectly and ensures easy installation. In addition, their unique design is ideal for filtering out fine sand particles that universal air filters may get past.

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How to Choose the Right Performance Air Filter for Your Car?

If you want to use one of the multifunctional air filters available in your vehicle, you need to make sure to choose the performance air filter that best suits your car and air intake design. Next, we provide you with 5 steps to quickly select the air filter that suits you.


Choose the best type of filter for your vehicle

When buying a high-performance air filter, you will find two very different air filter styles: a filter with better filtration and a longer life, and a filter that allows higher air flow and produces more horsepower and performance Filter.


Consider changing to a better brand

If you only need a relatively modest performance improvement from the vehicle, and you are still worried about whether the car air filter can effectively filter out dust, debris and other pollutants, then you may want to choose a long-life air filter Just replace the original manufacturer’s standard air filter.


High performance air filter

If you want to maximize the power and performance of your vehicle, you need to consider using a cold air intake system or a short-impact intake system, and choose a high-performance air filter system suitable for these types.

Manufacturers such as K&N, AEM, BBK and Dooxi provide high-performance general-purpose air filters, which are suitable for most types of cold air intake systems and short ram air intake systems. Most of these high-performance air filters use deeper folds in the filter creases and have a larger surface area to allow maximum airflow into the vehicle’s engine. Higher airflow helps to create a more efficient combustion process, resulting in greater horsepower and performance in the vehicle.


Quiet air filter

One thing most original-manufactured air filters are good at is reducing engine noise in new vehicles. In most cases, this is because the most commonly used air filters only allow enough air flow into the engine to produce the right amount of engine horsepower output. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to improve vehicle horsepower performance, you should avoid using such air filters. They do allow you to drive quietly, but they cannot help your car accelerate or drive at higher speeds.

Select muscle car air filter

Generally, when the air flow into the engine is much higher, it will make the engine sound louder. The loud sound of a car equipped with a high-performance air intake system is a sound that many muscle car and motor sports enthusiasts are familiar with and want to hear. In addition, the sounds of these vehicles tell people that your vehicle is not only another ordinary mass-produced car, but also a vehicle you are proud of, which allows you to quickly pass through street traffic.

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