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AMSOIL specializes in the development of synthetic lubricants. These innovative lubricants can provide innovative solutions to the biggest challenges faced by automobiles and equipment. The extraordinary performance of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in automotive, Powersports, industrial, racing, and other markets makes their influence in the industry undisputed, and their brand is highly respected. Their commitment to innovation has attracted many brand-loyal customers.

History of Amsoil

Albert J. Amatuzio (Albert J. Amatuzio) founded AMSOIL Inc. and served as the commander of the Duluth Squadron of the Minnesota Air National Guard. Amatuzio was born on May 6, 1924, to an Italian immigrant in Duluth, Minnesota. After graduating from high school in 1942, he participated in the training of the Naval Air Force, and then the Navy closed the program. Amatuzio joined the merchant ship before joining the Air Force after World War II. He flew the F80 Meteor, the first combat jet fighter in the United States. After his mother fell ill, he returned to Duluth to run the family business. In Duluth, Amatuzio joined the Air National Guard. During his career as a fighter pilot, Amatuzio won the William Tell air-to-air shootout and the Earl T. Rick competitive shootout.

Life-Lube, Inc.

During his time as a pilot, Amatuzio began to research synthetic motor oil. Due to the increase in heat and supersonic flight pressure, synthetic lubricants are only used in jet engines, and Amatuzio tries to apply the advantages of synthetic oil to car engines. He developed several different synthetic motor oil formulations and commercially sold synthetic motor oils for automobiles in 1968. On May 23, 1969, he established “Life-Lube, Inc.” through the Minnesota State Corporation. By 1970, Amatuzio renamed the company “AMSOIL”, and later he changed his name to “AMSOIL”. In 1994, Amatuzio entered the Lubricant World Hall of Fame. Amatuzio died on April 1, 2017. Today, Amatuzio’s son, Alan Amatuzio, serves as the president and CEO of AMSOIL.

API authentication

In 1972, AMSOIL 10W-40 synthetic motor oil became the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet the service requirements of the American Petroleum Institute (API). The company created the tagline “The First in Synthetics®” to recognize its achievements.

Internet marketing

Newspaper advertisements showed that the AMSOIL synthetic motor was commercialized in 1968. Due to the general lack of understanding of synthetic motor oils and the subsequent slow sales, Amatuzio launched the North American AMSOIL dealer network in 1973. Through online marketing instead of traditional retail, AMSOIL dealers can directly convey the advantages of products compared with traditional motor oil to drivers, helping the company grow.

Amsoil information

AMSOIL INC. is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and ISO 14001:2004 Certified

Phone: 888-201-3145

Email: [email protected]

Amsoil Near me

The good news is that you can proudly find AMSOIL products on the shelves of some stores. However, not all retail stores offer products.

 why all auto parts stores don’t carry AMSOIL Products?

AMSOIL synthetic motor oil is the highest quality premium synthetic motor oil and lubricant on the market. Many people associate these products with racing cars without realizing that everyday drivers can also use these products. Since the overall demand for “in-store products” is small, as most customers order online, not every store can sell. However, as AMSOIL sales continue to grow steadily, demand may change this situation.

Another reason is that AMSOIL is a direct selling company, not your typical wholesale distributor. This means that AMSOIL uses its “independent distributors” to sell its products directly to its customers and retail accounts. These dealers can work with auto parts stores to stock, but some store managers will not work with AMSOIL dealers.

Finding AMSOIL products in stores such as Napa, Pep Boys, or your local boat, motorcycle or ATV dealership still depends on the owner or parts manager choosing to sell AMSOIL products. Therefore, even if AMSOIL distributors try to sell AMSOIL in cooperation with a store, they can still refuse.

Some of these “chain” stores still have the ability to purchase products independently, rather than being ordered by business people, which is why one store may own but others do not.

As long as the store complies with the guidelines, you can find AMSOIL products in any single auto parts store, including products belonging to large chain stores, such as auto value parts stores, Bumper to Bumper, Carquest, Fleet Farm, Hardware Hank, O’Reillys And more.

You can also find AMSOIL products in gas stations and some auto repair shops. For example, Maybe the London Road car wash on the street where you often go to change oil sells AMSOIL. During the last trip to Canada, two gas stations sold it. If your local repair shop does not promote AMSOIL, please ask them. I’m sure they will know one or two distributors in the area, they can stock AMSOIL products and deliver them to the store within the same day.

Amsoil Features

Independent dealer

At the beginning of AMSOIL (1972), most parts stores laughed at the idea of synthetic motor oil and the idea of extending the oil drain interval. That is the source of the independent dealer system. Al Amatuzio, the founder of AMSOIL, decided to use a national network of local AMSOIL dealers (such as Snap-on or MATCO tool carts) to educate customers about what synthetic oil is, why synthetic oil is better than a traditional oil, and the use of synthetic Engine oil.

Mr. Amatuzio believes in the entrepreneurial spirit of small business owners because they are just like him. This is why AMSOIL continues its independent dealer business model. He wants to give everyone an opportunity like him to succeed in his own independent career.

Therefore, AMSOIL is still sold by independent small businesses across the country. These independent small businesses, also known as AMSOIL distributors, have the opportunity to sell AMSOIL products through their own businesses. They can sell through websites, trade shows, catalog sales, open retail stores or sign up for interested companies that intend to sell or use AMSOIL products.


AMSOIL Oil Filters

Help reduce engine wear

  • Capture smaller pollutants
  • Hold more pollutants
  • Fully synthetic media
  • The extended service interval is 25,000 miles per year (EAO) or 15,000 Miles per year (EA15K)


AMSOIL Bypass Oil Filters

Help extend engine life

  • Help extend the drainage interval
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Remove soot and small particles
  • Improve oil cooling


AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Extended-Life Oil Filters

Excellent efficiency provides maximum wear protection

  • High capacity
  • Fully synthetic media
  • Provide extended service intervals to reduce costs


AMSOIL Motorcycle and Power Sports Oil filter

  • Prevent engine wear
  • Help extend engine life
  • Help improve performance
  • The groove is easy to disassemble

Amsoil Filter list

AMSOIL also provides high-quality synthetic oil filters and two-way filters; as well as oil filters, air filters, transmission filters, and fuel filters from aftermarket partners Donaldson, WIX, and MANN-FILTER.

Amsoil Cross-reference

Amsoil oil filter cross reference, Amsoil cabin filter lookup, or Amsoil air filter lookup selector, please check for oil filter cross reference to Amsoil.

Best Amsoil Filter


AMSOIL Ea oil filters

Efficiency is the ability of a filter to capture contaminants that enter it. The higher the efficiency level, the more pollutants are filtered out of the oil. Through the latest independent tests, using the ISO 4548-12 industry standard, AMSOIL Ea oil filters have now shown an increase in filtration efficiency from 98.7% to 99% or higher.

Efficiency is the ability of a filter to capture contaminants that enter it. The higher the efficiency level, the more pollutants are filtered out of the oil. Through the latest independent tests, using the ISO 4548-12 industry standard, AMSOIL Ea oil filters have now shown an increase in filtration efficiency from 98.7% to 99% or higher.

AMSOIL Ea filters have the highest efficiency rating in the car and light truck market. Some competitors claim an efficiency of 99%, but the size is 30-40 microns. Some competitors have also been tested and the efficiency is only 51%. Capture the maximum amount of minimal wear contaminants from the oil, which can significantly reduce damage to internal engine parts over time.

The capacity of a filter refers to the number of contaminants that can hold and still filter effectively. AMSOIL Ea filters have a larger capacity than conventional filters. This allows them to work longer to ensure proper oil filtering.

The AMSOIL Ea oil filter can last for 25,000 miles or 1 year. The EAK15 filter can last for 15,000 miles or 1 year. These full-flow oil filters can hold a lot of pollutants.


AMSOIL full-flow oil filters

AMSOIL full-flow oil filters have less restriction on the oil flow through the filter. This allows more oil to flow back to the engine and maintain proper lubrication. They achieved this by using smaller synthetic fibers in the filter media.


AMSOIL EAO and EAK15 oil filters

AMSOIL EAO and EAK15 oil filters are made of controlled processing of high-quality synthetic media. This can ensure the accuracy of the construction process. This remarkable construction process can provide higher capacity and longer filter life.

AMSOIL oil filter EAO and EAK15 fully synthetic media does not contain resin. By using this technology, these filters can resist thermal oil degradation. They also use pleated wire mesh screens to increase strength.


Motorcycle and ATV filters

The construction method of the AMSOIL EA motorcycle oil filter (EAOM) is the same. They use the same fully synthetic filter media as EA car and truck filters. These filters help remove dust and particles that have penetrated into the oil, which can cause wear. This helps your engine run at peak performance and last longer.

AMSOIL Ea motorcycle oil filter uses silicone anti-leak check valve for proper application. One difference is that they also use nitrile gaskets. The gasket can resist chemical damage, thus having a long life and durability.

AMSOIL Ea motorcycle oil filter can provide excellent protection for various applications. These applications include motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, four-stroke personal boats, four-stroke snowmobiles, and four-stroke outboards. These filters are also suitable for 99% efficiency at 20 microns.


AMSOIL Ea Heavy-Duty Extended-Life Oil Filters (EaHD)

The EAHD product line uses the same structure and fully synthetic filter media technology. This product line is suitable for vehicles such as road trucks, garbage trucks, school buses, and agricultural tractors. They fit models from common engine manufacturers, such as Caterpillar, Peterbilt, Mack, Kenworth, John Deere, Ford, etc.


Bypass filters

AMSOIL Manufactures heavy Duty bypass filters for partial flow Bypass systems using the same construction and filter media. These systems draw about 10% of the oil pump’s capacity and slowly filter it of smaller particles. AMSOIL heavy-duty Bypass filters, EABP120, removes 98.7% of all contaminants down to 2 microns in size. These filters also provide for excellent soot removal from the oil. AMSOIL Bypass filters hold approximately 1 gallon of oil and can go for up to 120,000 miles or 1800 hours.  The AMSOIL heavy-duty Bypass Filters provide maximum filtration performance for virtually all heavy-duty gas and diesel applications, including Class 6, 7, and 8 heavy-duty trucks, off-road equipment, buses, generators, marine engines, logging, and agricultural equipment.

Amsoil filters customer reviews

The positive example

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters

These filters work great. I only change my oil once a year (I only drive like 5000 miles) but my car has a small engine and works extra hard. Especially when I am going against the wind and have to turn off the OD to keep at a steady speed. This means 5K RPMs at around 80 mph!! I will be adding a supercharger to the car soon and I am sure this filter will ensure my car oil stays clean!!


Amsoil EAO42 Oil Filter

Performs as advertised, great filter!


AMSOIL EOM Motorcycle Oil Filters

Seems to do very well. Is a very dense media and the filter overall is very well made!


Amsoil Full Synthetic 20 Micron Oil Filter for Duramax Diesel Engine

What can I say this company is fantastic, hence why I’ve been ordering from them for the last 3 years! This last order they gave me an early Christmas present with an extra oil filter and some fuel injector cleaner! How many companies now and days take care of their customers like that!


AMSOIL 5W-50 Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil

 Hi, all the reviews I wrote after using the product for 2 months I have used it in Activa 5G-although this is not suitable for bicycles, I studied the technical specifications and took a risk… from where I put this From the beginning of the day until today, the engine oil is still as smooth as ever-I have never encountered starting problems in the coldest temperature-most of the bike’s mileage is the previous engine oil between 42 KMPL to 46 KMPL -After using Amsoil, the mileage increased between 54 KMPL to 59 KMPL-The speed of the bicycle has shown a huge difference-When I drive at high speed on the highway, it is so quiet that I feel mine Bicycles do not have an engine-


Amsoil EA Air Filters

I have about 10k on Ea189 and the filter is still 35%. With the factory filter, it will be about 75%. My boost is still the same, so there is no flow problem.


The critical example

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters

My Suzuki King Quad 700 specs. requires oil filter to be turned 2 complete rotations once seal touches. Apparently, Amsoil does not sell a filter wrench adapter for this filter. Tighten by hand/using filter band wrench causes sides to cave in slightly. OEM Suzuki filter housing is much sturdier. Contacted Amsoil tech support with these issues months ago. No response.


Amsoil EAO42 Oil Filter

No critical reviews on


AMSOIL EOM Motorcycle Oil Filters

I have had 2 separate Chevy trucks one with 4.8 and one with 5.3. This has happened twice on both trucks where I get low oil pressure warning, change the filter and it’s better. The filters are too small to go through the extended drain. I contacted customer service and figured they would make it right. Well, they didn’t. Going back to OEM filters on all the cars I maintain.


Amsoil Full Synthetic 20 Micron Oil Filter for Duramax Diesel Engine

No critical reviews on


AMSOIL 5W-50 Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil

I use it in my Dominar 400

Up to 6300 after recharge

The price of about 2 liters is 2300-2400 INR. Therefore, compared with the const Stock engine oil of 1100 INR, I think it is useless. I regret to compare Big Brand with Bajaj Dtsi Full Synthetic Engine Engine Oil, but this is true. Now, I use liquid molybdenum semi-synthetic 15w50 in my Dominar. The cost of buying 2 liters in retail stores is 1650 INR. Liquid molybdenum, Motul 300V/V2, and Mobil1 are far better than Amsoil that I believe and verify.


Amsoil EA Air Filters

These tests show that the Amsoil EA filter is not excellent. They are done in a controlled ISO 5011, placing their filters together with almost all other well-known aftermarket filters. This also increased their credibility, as they also showed that the airstrike filter kicked their ass during the test. AFE Proguard 7 also performed well. I am disappointed with Amsoil’s efficiency rating. (9% higher limit than the normal filter tested) These things are considered the best filters, but they don’t look so hot in these tests.

Amsoil filter comparison

Compare Harley-Davidson and AMSOIL motorcycle oil filter micron level

Harley-Davidson’s oil filter can reduce particulate matter to 5 microns, while the AMSOIL motorcycle filter can only reduce particulate matter to 20 microns. So AMSOIL oil filter should be one of the best filters? Why is the Harley filter so much better? AMSOIL and Harley-Davidson “Super Premium5” oil filters provide oil filter micron grades like comparing apples to oranges. Each company measures its micron-level on a completely different scale. Therefore, the number of microns is not comparable at all. The motorcycle oil filter grade provided by Amso is an “absolute” grade. Based on this measurement, their motorcycle oil filter has an efficiency of 98.7% in blocking particles with a size of 20 microns or larger. This is considered a very strong efficiency level.

What is the difference between “nominal” and “absolute” oil filter ratings?

The absolute filter rating is determined under controlled testing. The absolute filter rating is 98.7% of the particles of the indicated diameter are blocked by the oil filter. For AMSOIL motorcycle oil filters, they can prevent 98.7% of particles with a size of 20 microns or larger.

Nominal grades such as the 5-micron grade touted by Harley-Davidson have zero meaning without mentioning efficiency. The efficiency of the H-D filter at 5 microns is about 50%, which is very likely. Anyone can guess that the Harley 5 micron oil filter will score in the absolute filter micron test.


Amsoil filter and other famous filters

The AMSOIL filter is a top filter if you don’t mind the cost. Royal Purple seems to be equivalent to AMSOIL filters, if you can get them cheaper, you may want to consider replacing your AMSOIL filter with Royal Purple. Purolator is a very powerful second if you don’t mind inferior construction. If you want a reasonable price, very good filtration, decent surface area, and high-quality structure, WIX is a great middle road filter.


Amsoil EAO vs PureONE

After checking the specifications of the Amsoil EAO filter and Purolator PureONE filter, I found some shocking facts… From a numerical point of view, PureONE is actually better. Amsoil tested its EAO using industry-standard ISO 4548-12 and found that the efficiency of 15 microns is 98.7%

Pantone’s 5 micron ISO 4548-12 is 50%, 10 micron is 92.8%, 15 micron is 99.2% and 20 micron is 99.9%. [Information source: Email response from the technical/engineering department]. Therefore… it is not recommended to use PureONE filters for 25,000-mile oil changes, but what logic does Amsoil’s EAO follow? I guess that if more particles are captured, the filter must be replaced more frequently, which means that the Amsoil filter may allow more things to pass through, so it does not block and enters bypass valve mode.

By the way, the theme of 2004 was “Which is the best oil filter”. At the time, Amsoil had no EAO, and people claimed that Amsoil’s SDF filter was better than PureONE. Amsoil claims that EAO is superior to SDF. Pantone’s numbers are better than Amsoil’s EAO (at least 15 microns so far). So… SDF> How about PureONE?

Where to buy Amsoil Filter online

If you have a warehouse near you, you can place an order online and then pick up the goods. It’s lucky to have a warehouse next door. 98% of the AMSOIL customers ship my ships to my home. If I order in the morning, it usually appears the next day.


The advantages:

Buy Amsoil at wholesale price -25% discount

 When you are ready to buy some AMSOIL, there are two pricing options. You can buy online at retail prices as a preferred customer or online at wholesale dealer prices.

When ordering online, UPS will quickly process your order and ship it from your local warehouse to your front door. When you place your first order here, please make sure to provide the email address used to send you real-time UPS shipping tracking information.

Getting the best price for AMSOIL

If you are your preferred customer, you can save up to 25% of the entire product line. When checking out from the store, select the preferred customer option. If you only plan to change the oil and oil filter in a car, then you can order it at the retail price, which is a considerable cost compared to becoming a preferred customer. Just remember, when you shop in the AMSOIL online store, please pay attention to your total. If all your engine oil, filter, air filter, transmission oil, gear oil, diesel flow improver, etc. add up to about 100 dollars or more, please confirm and become a PC, because you will be the first time Start saving a lot of money.

Getting special offer

If you search today on “where can I buy AMSOIL oil”, and a page will be prepared for you with a special offer on it? If you are still on the fence, this page can answer questions about AMSOIL and provide you with a special offer, now you can enjoy a free 25% discount.

If I order on the free order number or online in the morning, then my order will usually appear the next day. Sometimes it takes two days. If you live in a remote place instead of a warehouse, it may take 3-4 days.

The disadvantages:

Express delivery is a bit slow.


Select Synthetics

 Select Synthetics is an independent authorized distributor of high-quality, high-quality AMSOIL products, serving customers in the United States and Canada. Although Select Synthetics is an independent company, it is not an “independent” company. It is part of a wide network of authorized dealers, which include industry experts, lubrication engineers, mechanical engineers, auto mechanics, etc. This strong and professional dealer network is supported by well-trained and knowledgeable AMSOIL employees of the company, who serve customers throughout North America.

The advantages:

They can ship AMSOIL products anywhere in the United States or Canada. Products are shipped from one of AMSOIL’s 13 distribution centers and delivered directly to your door. If you happen to live near one of our distribution centers or know someone, then you can choose to collect your order to save shipping costs. Just place an order and choose a pickup option when checking out.

The disadvantage:

Some dealers cannot be found in some areas.

If you cannot find a dealer in a nearby city, you can choose to order from this site:

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