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What Does an Oil Catch Can Do and Do They Work?

What Does an Oil Catch Can Do and Do They Work

The oil catch can is also called the oil catch tank. This is a simple device that can be installed in the crankcase/cam ventilation system of a vehicle. Oil catch can reduce oil vapor, which is recirculated to the engine’s air intake.

oil catch can

They prevent contaminants and oil from accumulating in the intake manifold. Catch cans work by collecting contaminants which would otherwise form carbon deposits in the intake valves. By installing an oil catch can, you will increase the longevity of the engines by keeping it from being damaged.

Simply put, the oil catch can is just an additional filter, depending on the fact that oil is heavier than air to do its work. The equipment usually contains steel wool or a baffle system to separate the oil from the air. Then, the oil will fall to the bottom of the jar until it is cleaned. Even on budget, it can prevent oil from causing serious damage to the cylinder.

Oil Catch Can Benefits

  1. Prevent Sludge And Carbon Deposits From Forming

The accumulation of residual carbon and sludge can cause problems in the vehicle’s engine and intake system. The impurities in the blow-by gas tend to accumulate on the turbocharger, intake manifold, pipes and other parts.

This device allows you to capture oil from compressed air. Then, the air will flow to the car’s intake manifold, so no deposits will form on the intake valve.

  1. Improve engine performance

The accumulation of deposits can severely reduce the power produced by the engine. As the injector is blocked, problems such as knocking, pre-ignition and low fuel economy will occur. Oil accumulation can prevent these problems and improve the performance of the car.

Your engine is volatile. It is full of fuel, hot oil, a lot of forced air, and a lot of moving metal parts. All these work together to produce combustion. If you don’t know what burning is, it’s basically a series of explosions.

When the combustion process occurs, most of the compressed gas will be discharged through the exhaust gas. Leave some residue to make it enter the crankcase. This is called a leak.

A spare crankshaft ventilation system has been installed to prevent the accumulation of mist. Dirty air is transferred inside the valve. Using the oil catch tank, you can effectively separate the air from the oil. The filter returns the oil-free air to the engine, so it can continue to supply fuel to the vehicle.

The oil catch tank has been installed to the ventilation system of the crankcase. You place it between the intake system and the vent. When vapor passes through the tank, oil droplets, water vapor and unburned fuel will condense. This caused them to sink into the tank. This process makes them never reach your intake and prevents negative effects.

The best oil catch  can have an internal filter. This may be Brillo type or fine metal mesh. This medium will create a larger area, giving these vapors a chance to condense. You will need to drain the excess oil that has accumulated over time, but this is a simple process, just open the drain plug.

In a typical four-stroke engine, the piston goes up and down four times per cycle. When it descends for the first time, the intake valve opens to create a vacuum. This process allows cooler, rich air to enter the combustion.

At the same time, fuel enters the cylinder. Then, the intake valve closes and the piston rises toward the top of the cylinder. Compression creates pressure inside the cylinder.

The pressure becomes so high that a small amount of air escapes through the piston and ring. Air enters the crankcase. Again, this is called a leak. As the RPM increases, the number of leakage will increase. If your engine has more cylinders, you can also expect more blowby.

It should be noted that not all air will escape, otherwise we will never burn. Only a small part.

The crank itself rotates in an oil pan full of oil (obviously). Although this keeps all components lubricated, ventilation must be maintained so that pressure does not build up inside the crankcase. If accumulation occurs, you will face unbearable failure. In turn, this caused a lot of oil to gush out on the street.

The pressure from the crankcase will return through the intake port, not just the air. It will also contain oil. This will pass through your intercooler and then back to the combustion chamber. Along the way, the oil will cover all parts of the intake manifold, valves, booster hoses and intercooler. Because of the high temperature, the oil solidifies onto the valves.

So-what will happen next?

The intake valves get caked with oil. In engines with port injection, this is not a problem because the gas is introduced before the combustion chamber. This allows it to flow through the intake valves. This action can actually clear the valve and prevent oil from caking.

In direct injection engines, agglomeration on the oil can cause many symptoms. These include:

  • Pre-ignition
  • Knocking
  • Reduce fuel economy
  • Power loss

We know that automakers will not install oil catch tanks in factories.

We can solve the problem by placing the oil catch tank after the PVC and before the intercooler. This allows the pure air mixture to enter the intake valve and intercooler. This also means that you do not have to worry about oil caking and performance degradation.

Oil accumulation will greatly increase your strength or make an offensive sound. Therefore, many people who modify vehicles have overlooked this essential equipment. If they take the time to install the engine, they will find that the engine usually runs at maximum power and is worth the extra effort.

How to Install an Oil Catch Can?

How Hard is it to Install an Oil Catch Can?

oil catch can installationThe best part about installing the oil catch tank is that the process is easy. You don’t have to worry about making aftermarket adjustments.

Overall, it may take about five minutes to install the oil catch. Simply disconnect the hose and reconnect it. It can’t be easier than this.

5 Best Oil Catch Can

When you are ready to find the best oil catch tank, there are a few things you need to know first. Not every catch tank is the same. In fact, if you are not careful, you may buy directly rubbish goods.

The biggest scam is to buy oil catch tanks with nothing in it. It should come with parts such as filter media and hoses. It should not be an empty can.

Even if you buy one with a hose attached, it may not reach the quality level you expect. In fact, many of them cannot withstand the vacuum pressure or high temperature of the engine compartment. It may melt or collapse, which is a disaster. If you feel that the hose is somewhat fragile, we strongly recommend that you purchase another after-sale hose.

We’ve picked 5 models we trust. See more from 5 Best Oil Catch Can.

01.Ruien 0046 Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can

oil catch can

Ruien 0046 is one of the most durable and lowest-priced oil catch tanks on the market, reliable and has a long service life. It is a lightweight tank made of aluminum, which gives it higher strength and durability. This device can help you capture any form of oil and moisture in the blowby gas, which can lead to carbon deposits and sludge accumulation.

It will help increase the durability and service life of the intake system and engine. This will also improve the performance of the vehicle. Even when driving under difficult conditions, Ruien 0046 oil catch can help protect your chicle. The system comes with everything you need. It comes with an oil catch tank and all necessary screws and brackets.

With Ruien 0046, you don’t have to worry about driving on rough terrain. In difficult situations, you can easily rely on the catch tank to protect the vehicle. The packaging that comes with the tank includes all the necessary hardware to get started. This includes mounting clips, hoses, the tank itself, etc.

If you have a limited budget, this is the best product you can buy. Ruien 0046 can be installed on most vehicles. The installation of the tank is very simple, it only takes 5-10 minutes at most to complete. However, it would be a better idea to leave the installation to experts.

This catch can is universal, it is suitable for several types of cars. On the downside, there is no description in the package. Therefore, you need to consult a professional to help you with the installation.


  • It is lightweight
  • Increase the engine horsepower
  • Effectively collect dirty oil in blow-by gas
  • Prevents oil leakage
  • Can is easy to clean
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • Comes as a complete package
  • Constructed with Aluminum
  • Improves the life of intake and engine system
  • Installation does not take much time


  • Does not come with instructions

02. Ruien Universal 350ml Oil Catch Can with Baffled Reservoir

oil catch canThis is another high-quality oil catch tank produced by Ruien Company. This is a universal catch that can fit most vehicles and motorcycles. The Ruien Universal oil catch can has a capacity of 350 ml, which is sufficient for daily use. Known for its durability and strength, because it is made of high-quality 0046 aluminum. It is also lightweight, making it an ideal grappling hook for your vehicle.

Ruien Universal 350ml oil catch can help increase the power of the vehicle and maintain its engine life. It catches any form of oil or moisture in the blow-by gas, which can cause sludge and carbon accumulation in the engine or intake system. It can prevent dust from entering the engine through the intake system. It not only keeps the engine clean, but also improves horsepower and durability.

Ruien’s oil catch tank can also prevent oil leakage. It is threaded and uses O-ring seals for tig welding to prevent oil leakage. It is also easy to clean. It is not necessary to dismount the can when cleaning. You only need to loosen the bottom of the receiver and clean it easily. The package contains 1x15mm hose, 2x15mm fitting, 2x9mm fitting, oil catch can and necessary screws and brackets.


  • It is strong and durable
  • Prevents oil leakage
  • Increases horsepower
  • Preserve the engine life
  • It is lightweight
  • Protects the engine from dirt
  • It is easy to clean
  • 350ml capacity adequate for daily use


  • Lack of sealing type around the thread

03.EVIL ENERGY Baffled Universal Oil Catch Canoil catch can

Evil Energy is one of the manufacturers you can easily rely on.

They use high-quality catch cans made of aluminum alloy. This makes the device durable, and thanks to the anodized finish, it also adds style to your engine compartment.

As for performance, you will not be disappointed. If you look at the engine compartment of some high-performance vehicles, you may find an Evil Energy catch tank. The device is designed to be compatible with most vehicles. It has O-ring sealing gasket to prevent oil leakage.

This equipment can effectively remove harmful pollutants in pressurized air leakage. The baffle system located inside the oil tank cools the oil vapor and then converts it into liquid. This will increase the life of the engine because no deposits will form on the intake valve.

The oil tank is equipped with a dipstick, which allows you to check the amount of oil collected. The container is easy to remove. This makes liquid drainage and cleaning easier. The kit comes with all the components required for installation. It is also equipped with NBR⅜” fuel pipe.

If you want to avoid engine problems such as knocking, please consider buying this excellent device!


  • Effective at collecting oil contaminants
  • O-ring gasket stops oil from leaking
  • Catch can is compatible with most devices
  • Made with aluminum alloy and has an anodized finish
  • It comes with all the necessary hardware required for mounting


  • Not the cheapest one

04.Vincos Universal 3/8″&9/16″ 400ml Aluminum Oil Catch Can

oil catch canIf you have a limited budget, Vincos Universal catch tank is a good choice!

The catch tank is made of high-grade aluminum, which increases strength and durability. This will bring you the best car performance.

Vincos Universal catch can keep the engine clean, so as not to foul the engine, thus saving your engine. It also helps keep them at peak performance. The high-grade fuel tank can collect oil and moisture in the blow-by gas. It can prevent sludge and carbon deposits in the engine and intake system.

The TIG welded fuel tank has an O-ring seal to prevent any oil leakage. It is easy to clean. All you need to do is to unscrew the screws at the bottom of the tank, and most of the equipment becomes easy to get to clean.

You can install the tank in two different ways. Since the tank has an air filter, you can use it as a ventilation system. The tank consists of a stainless steel screw-in vent and a hose clamp. This makes installation easy. The clamp can hold the jar, so it won’t loosen during vibration.


  • Build using high-grade aluminum
  • O-ring gasket prevents oil from leaking
  • Installation is simple and can be done quickly
  • Clamps keep the catch can secured
  • The device is easy to open and clean


  • Not the cheapest one

05. Mishimoto MMOCC-RB Oil Catch Can

oil catch canMishimoto company came up with an oil catch can that can improve the performance of your vehicle. After driving the vehicle for a while, you will notice that some oil has accumulated in the intercooler, intake manifold, ducts and turbocharger, which can cause great damage to the engine. Mishimoto MMOCC-RB oil catch can prevent all these damages from happening.

It has a black finish which makes it look stylish. You can also choose other colors, such as carbon fiber, polished silver and red. Mishimoto MMOCC-RB oil can is 5 inches high, 3.25 inches in diameter, and 6 inches in total height. The weight of the outlet and inlet is 1.3 pounds, and the fluid capacity is 16 ounces. The oil catch can also have a magnetic plug.

It is a complete kit, including mounting hardware, hoses, mounting brackets, accessories and all necessary fixtures. This Mishimoto catch can have a sight tube. The built-in observation tube allows you to easily check the liquid level. There can be an oil drain plug at the bottom of the buckle, you can empty it. This is a universal oil catch tank, designed for various vehicles.

This also prevents oil from entering the turbocharger pipeline. When oil vapor enters the intake system, it reduces the combustion temperature and minimizes overall efficiency. The Mishimoto MMOCC-RB oil catch can solve all these problems and increase the safety of the components by ensuring that the functional components are protected from harmful oil.


  • Separates oil and air
  • Comes as a full kit
  • Protects the intercooler
  • Has a sight tube for checking fluid levels
  • Available in black, carbon fiber, polished silver, and red
  • Has a fluid capacity of 46 ounces
  • Features a magnetic plug


  • Does not have baffles

FAQs of Oil Catch Can

Q: Does a Catch Can Add Horsepower?

A: The oil catch can may not directly increase horsepower, but it can ensure that the engine is clean, thereby improving performance. The accumulation of oil keeps the engine clean and exhaust power-robbing pressure from the heads of the cylinder. This prevents the gas from re-entering the intake valve. The lock has a clean, oil-free intake port to ensure that the engine runs at maximum power.


Q: What Does an Oil Catch Can Do?

A: The oil catch can prevents contaminated air and oil from entering the engine. It ensures that the engine is clean, thereby improving performance. It also prevents carbon deposits and sludge from accumulating in the intake manifold, which would otherwise damage the engine. Therefore, in addition to improving performance, the engine becomes more durable.


Q: How Often Should I Drain My Oil Catch Can?

A: How often you drain your catch can depends on many factors. Some of these factors include the size of the catch can, the distance the vehicle is driven, weather, humidity and other driving conditions. In cold weather, they tend to absorb more water and moisture, so they need to drain more frequently. However, the mechanic recommends that you drain the oil catch can within 500 miles after installing the catch can. Drain the oil in the bottle, and the amount of oil will guide you how often to drain the oil.


Q: Are Catch Cans Illegal?

A: The catch can is very legal. Some of the best designed catch cans have been standardized. If you do not want to have problems with the law,, use oil catch cans because they are widely accepted. They not only protect the safety of the engine, but also protect the environment. In the past, people used four-wheel drive motors to prevent rust, but this is very illegal.


Q:  Oil Catch Can VS Breather Tank

A: The main purpose of the breather tank is to prevent pressure buildup. By preventing pressure buildup, the breather tank will promote the health of the engine.

It will also release a lot of horsepower. It does this by preventing positive pressure. It allows the pistons and rods in the engine to move more freely.

In this way, the breather allows the engine to work more efficiently. For high pressurization/horsepower induction applications, a breather tank must be used.

The catch can simply catch the deposits by cooling the high temperature and pressurized gas. The gas forms liquid droplets, which are collected in a tank.

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