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Valvoline Inc. (NYSE: VVV) is the world’s leading marketer and supplier of premium brand lubricants and automotive services, selling in more than 140 countries. Valvoline oil filters are designed to remove metal debris and harmful contaminants without restricting the oil flow. All Valvoline oil filters contain high-quality anti-draining check valves that prevent oil from draining from the filter when the engine is off. By forming a precise fit through individually molded seals, the filter also has the advantage of being able to withstand greater pressure.

History of Valvoline Filter


Dr. John Ellis could not find any healing power in crude oil, so he changed direction and developed a petroleum lubricant for steam engines operating at high temperatures. No longer need glued valves, corroded cylinders, leaking seals, or animal-based engine lubricants, this country will flourish.

Valvoline™ has developed a single-grade engine oil called X-18, eliminating the need for other 18 specific automotive lubricants.

Before the end of World War II, Valvoline™ was widely used to lubricate Allied vehicles. If it is good enough for the army fleet, you can use it in a family car.

With the rapid economic development, hot rods are all the rage, and people drive frequently, automakers are turning to powerful overhead valve v8 engines. Valvoline™ responds with all-climate engine oil, so people don’t have to change engine oil every season.

Because of the American obsession with the speed and power of muscle cars, Valvoline™ introduced a motor oil specifically designed for racing cars, now called VR1.

As more and more drivers get on the road, they become more comfortable in their garage. Valvoline™ helps these DIY mechanics by putting oil change instructions on its label.

Overhead cams and electronic fuel injection systems began to appear in many cars, making them more reliable and longer engine life. Valvoline™ enters the rapid lubrication business by purchasing the Rapid Oil Change chain to meet the consumer demand of “do it here”. In 1987, it was renamed Valvoline Instant OilChange®.

To withstand increasingly hot engine temperatures, Valvoline™ introduced DuraBlend™, the first synthetic hybrid motor oil.

In response to the aging car population in the 1980s and 1990s, Valvoline™ developed MaxLife™, which can help recover the horsepower lost in cars over 75,000 miles.


With the increase in oil prices, horsepower has not declined-thanks to higher operating temperatures, turbocharged, and smaller engines. To help reduce the environmental impact, Valvoline introduced NextGen™, which contains 50% refined oil.

Easy Pour Bottle™ was named the best product of the year in the product innovation consumer survey (winner, car care category, 40,000 people survey conducted by Kanter TNS). Valvoline™ launched Modern Engine Full Synthetic, the first engine oil specifically designed to deal with carbon deposits in engines from 2012 or later. Valvoline™ became the first brand to introduce LSPI protection in its entire engine oil product line.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change™ revolutionized the quick lubrication experience by introducing the CarCam™ BayTracker camera system, allowing customers to view technicians under the hood and under the vehicle in real-time. Valvoline™ acquired Great Canadian Oil Change Franchising, Ltd., Canada’s third-largest rapid lubrication system, and expanded Valvoline’s existing rapid lubrication network to more than 1,200 company-owned and franchised locations in North America.

Valvoline information

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Valvoline Instant Oil Change



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Valvoline filters near me

They can be purchased on AUTOBARN, a part chain located in Long Island, New York, also  Valvoline oil change shops.

You can buy Canadian Valvoline Max Life filters from Canadian Tire, and the box says they are designed by Purolator.

As an authorized distributor of Valvoline, Dayang Automotive Supplies Co., Ltd. provides customers with advanced Valvoline products.

Valvoline Features

The spin-on filter is made of a sturdy steel housing. Prevent high voltage surges; heavy specification kernel; prevent the filter from collapsing under adverse conditions; the rotary filter has a double-roll lock seam; can withstand excessive hydrostatic pressure; internal lubrication gasket.

Valvoline filters list


The Multi-Fit filter is a filter suitable for a variety of car brands and models. This means that a single Multi-Fit part number can replace multiple different filters in the original Valvoline oil filter series. The multi-function filter can meet the assembly and function of the replaced original filter, so multiple part numbers can be replaced.

More than ten years ago, Valvoline USA introduced multifunctional filter technology in the North American market. Valvoline’s instant oil change business uses only Valvoline oil filters, which has more than 1,100 locations in the United States and more than 70 locations in Canada. Valvoline USA benefits from lower inventory investment and fewer part number requirements; it is now available to Valvoline customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Item             Sizes

VO-1            INTERCHANGEABLE WITH Z9, Z115, Z503


VO-25         INTERCHANGEABLE WITH Z125, Z158, Z418, Z632

VO-40         INTERCHANGEABLE WITH Z386, Z432, Z443


VO-95         INTERCHANGEABLE WITH Z10, Z89A, Z170

VO-106       INTERCHANGEABLE WITH Z79A, Z142A, Z411, Z429, Z436, Z445, Z456, Z495, Z547



Valvoline oil filters are designed to remove metal debris and harmful contaminants without restricting the oil flow.

All Valvoline oil filters contain high-quality anti-draining check valves that prevent oil from draining from the filter when the engine is off. By forming a precise fit through individually molded seals, the filter also has the advantage of being able to withstand greater pressure.

Valvoline cross reference

Valvoline oil filter cross reference, Valvoline cabin filter lookup, or Valvoline air filter lookup selector, please check for oil filter cross reference to Valvoline.

Best Valvoline Filters

Valvoline oil filter

Valvoline knows that clean, high-quality oil is essential to the life of the engine. As one of the few oil companies. The main advantages of Valvoline oil filter:

1. Guarantee quality.

Valvoline oil filters can meet the OE coordination and functional requirements of more than 98% of today’s vehicles.

2. Extensive vehicle coverage in the combined high-quality filter product line.

Valvoline helps reduce your inventory investment with its combined filter series. New model year application

Available at any time.

3. Valvoline helps you achieve your business goals by:

• Excellent on-time delivery and order fulfillment of all products, including new models

•Filtration Technology Hotline

• Comprehensive marketing plan and support

• product quality assurance

Valvoline filters review

The positive example

Valvoline VO88 Oil Filter

A week before purchasing these oil filters, I just changed the car oil and filters. These filters are made of high-quality filters and paper film media. Good structure/sturdy reinforcement material.

The filters are perfect for my 2017 Jeep Patriot. There is no problem. Affordable quality filter.


Valvoline Filter Quality Review

When you use quick lubricants or even dispensers, you don’t need to worry about Valvoline filters. Check the oil dipstick to make sure they are not filling the engine with oil.


Valvoline VO-25 Oil Filter

This is the same filter the oil change place used for my Jeep, so I simply bought a few off Amazon. They are good for the price, nothing fancy. Haven’t had any issues as a result.


Valvoline SP/GF-6 5W-30 Filter

Car model: The model used is very matched,

Current mileage: More than 70,000 mileage, great maintenance.

Engine protection: I didn’t notice this. It should be pretty good.

Noise reduction ability: The engine noise is obviously much smaller after maintenance.


The critical example

Valvoline VO88 Oil Filter

They don’t fit in any jeep engine!


Valvoline Filter Quality Review

The Valvoline oil change places are famous for overtightened filters and plugs and overfilling crankcases. I’m not sure if it’s a company policy problem or a local one, but it’s not isolated.


Valvoline VO-25 Oil Filter

No critical reviews on


Valvoline SP/GF-6 5W-30 Filter

The oil is relatively thin.

Valvoline Filters Comparsion

Valvoline Oil Filters Vs Motorcraft Oil Filters

Opinions from people in the forum

Something different

There should not be much difference. Valvoline is a good name. There may be subtle differences inside, but as long as they are properly filtered.

Motorcraft oil filters are the easiest to obtain and are close to the cheapest filters because you can buy them at any Walmart for less than $3.50.

Something in common

Both Valvoline and Motorcraft filters are manufactured by Purolator.

Where to Buy Valvoline Filters online?


the discount is large


The purchase quantity must be large



good quality


fewer products of this brand


good service


Regional restrictions

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