Things You Sould Know about Fuel Filters for NaPa 4003 WIX 24003

fuel filter

The Role of Fuel Filter

A fuel filter is a filter in the fuel line. It can filter out metal abrasive debris, carbon particles and colloids that are gradually generated in the engine oil and mixed into the engine oil.

Why should I replace the fuel filter in my car?

A fuel filter is system that is fitted somewhere in the fuel line, or at times in the fuel tank, whose role is to let the fuel pass through its pleated permeable material, but block the dirt particles. Now understand why replacing of fuel filter is important. Because over a period of time, the filter material becomes dirty and less permeable, thus restricting the flow of the fuel to through the engine and you can face the following problems.

1. Lack of Engine Power: A dirty fuel filter can cause lack of engine power in all the gears, which can be due to lack of fuel getting to the engine. It forces the engine to go into limp mode.

2. Stalling Problem: Extra fuel needed for a vehicle to accelerate, may not be available, if a filter is blocking it. If a filter is clogged with debris, it will often cause the filter to limit the flow of fuel passing through it, thus resulting into improper acceleration. A fuel pressure test is required to conclusively arrive at the fault; the same may also be caused due to a faulty sensor or a fuel leak.

3. Engine misfire or spark: This happens when the filter is completely clogged. The modern vehicles now use very little fuel when idle. Engine misfires though happen because of faulty ignition coils, bad spark plugs, failing engine issues such as bad camshaft sensor, mass airflow sensor or even a bad sensor.

Additionally, you can face the problems like hesitating engine, car not starting or hard starting, sputtering etc. If your vehicle is exhibiting any of the above issues, then there is a very strong probability that there is a problem with your car fuel filter. Before arriving at the decision of fuel filter replacement, you should properly verify all the above-mentioned symptoms in vehicle. If the cause is correctly identified, only then you should go for a fuel filter replacement for ones vehicle.

For replacing a fuel filter, Dooxi fuel filters under its car accessories segment may be a good choice. Also, ½-28 fuel filters available in black and silver variants is a good buy. The Wix 4003 fuel filters and the NAPA fuel filters are made of high grade aluminum and are 100% quality assurance tested, less expensive & easy to install.


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