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Engine Air Filters for Cars: Best Air Filters List

best engine air filters

In order to achieve your car’s best performance, it needs to have a well-maintained engine, among other factors. But how do you keep your engine in good repair? One peak performance you need is an efficient engine air filter that ensures only clean and filtered air reaches the engine. After all, an engine can’t burn fuel without air. The purpose of the filter is to remove debris and keep the engine from wear and tear. Since the engine air is so important, how do you pick it when you decide to replace an old one for your car? Our editors have picked top 10 best different brand air filters for vehicles according to the sales on Amazon.

EPAuto Engine Air-Filter

It is reported that the EPAuto air filter made from the best material on the market, fit in most modern cars. This model fits many vehicles including Toyota, Lexus, Jeep, and Dodge. All of these filters are composed of a synthetic filtration material. And this material is formed into numerous and long pleats. By filtering particles from entering the engine, It can well help protect the engine against the harshest elements, so as to provide adequate airflow to keep the car’s power and extend the performance of the car. Another great thing about this filter is its ability to increase the fuel mileage. Without any doubts, this panel engine filter by EPAuto is one of the bestselling automotive replacement filters.

In addition, it also has a solid frame. The frame is a nice touch which gives a feeling of heft and quality to this engine air filter. Thus the installation is quite easy. It can easily slide and snap into position.

This EPAuto air filter has a lifespan of 12,000miles. It is recommended to check the filter at 10,000 miles, especially in dusty areas.


EPAuto Engine Air Filter Key Features:

Weighs 12.8oz

Dimensions of 10.1’’ x 9’’ x 2.5’’

Sturdy frame

More filtration pleats than competitive filters

A model available for most modern vehicles

12,000 mile recommended replacement intervals


  • Increases airflow
  • Improves mileage
  • Easy installation, user-friendly
  • Not much different than the OEM
  • Fits well in the listed Toyota models
  • Affordable and economical filter
  • Durable which requires low maintenance


  • Seems to be more flimsy than OEM filter
  • Filter might not seal properly around the rubber gasket
  • Disposable
ECOGARD Engine Air Filter

ECOGARD claims to have been the first to introduce engine post-market air filtration technology 25 years ago. Its decades of experience show that it has been producing high-quality products to meet customer needs for many years.

ECOGARD XA10467 Air Filter

The ECOGARD air filter is easy to install whit little tools, which can save your time. It cost little but increases airflow to your engine thus well optimizes your car’s performance.

The ECOGARD XA10467 is an OEM(Original Equipment Market) filter. It is made from durable high-fiber paper that can collect even the smallest particles. Also, it has a sturdy frame for easy installation, and fits perfectly into the filter compartment. This air filter is made of high quality material for durability and optimum protection. This saves you the cost of regular service and ensures that your engine is always protected from bad factors.


ECOGARD XA10467 Engine Air Filter Key Features:

Weighs 13.6oz

Dimensions: 11.2″ x 7.5″ x 1.9″

Fits in most modern vehicles but mainly used for Honda cars

12,000 mile recommended replacement intervals


  • Made with quality material for durability and optimum protection
  • Optimizes vehicle performance
  • User-friendly
  • Durable


  • No warranty

K&N Washable Air Filter

K&N washable air filters are well-known to car and truck enthusiasts for their outstanding engineering, quality filtration, first-class performance, and significant reuse. You can find the K&N filter is basically suitable for any vehicle that can still be driven today. They produce over 1200 different filters!

K&N Washable Air Filter

The K&N 33-2129 is made from a durable polyurethane frame which won’t snap or bend in its installation. The premium cotton filtration, which increases airflow of up to 50%, is washable and reusable. Moreover, this mode also has an airtight edged seal for maximum filtration. Apparently, this filter can increases the vehicle’s horsepower. As for the installation, the instruction manual will guide you through all the steps fast. Thanks to its washability, you can choose to wash the filter every 50,000 miles to save time, and also you can just replace it. After purchasing, customers can also get an instruction manual and cleaning kit.


K&N 33-2129 Engine Air Filter Key Features:

weighs in at about 1.65lb

dimensions of 12.1″ x 18.2″ x 1.8″

has an airtight seal

fit any modern vehicle

the K&N cleaning kit that comes with the filter

Wash it once every 50,000 miles

1,000,000 mile recommended replacement intervals


  • Easy to install
  • Washable
  • Comes with a cleaning kit
  • Made with durable material
  • 1,200 different filters available
  • 10-year/1,000,000-mile warranty


  • Hard to clean
  • Can’t capture moisture

Spectre Performance Air Filter

As you know there are many universal performance air filters on the markets, the Spectre Performance is one of the only true OEM matched designers. The Spectre Performance Air Filter can provide enhanced airflow without sacrificing the vehicle’s air filtration quality.

Spectre Performance 8131 | Best racing air filter

(4)Spectre Performance Air Filter

Spectre Performance 8131 air filter will help you experience smooth acceleration and some added power gain in your race car engine. The better fuel economy and gas mileage are achieved with this engine air filter.

This filter can be installed into 3 different sizes of intakes with the help of its adapter rings. Easily fitting into 3-inch, 3.5-inch and 4-inch diameter tubes, it allows you to upgrade your intake size without changing a new filter.

The synthetic material of this product enables the engine to obtain sufficient airflow without exposure to all pollutants in the environment. The closer the intake is to the ground, the more efficient the filter is at catching dirt and dust. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, it is recommended that it be properly cleaned and oiled. When fuel economy goes from 1.5 miles to 3 miles or more, you can judge the difference based on the type of vehicle you’re driving.

If you notice that the seal is loose in some places, pour some glue on it to make it tighter. This happens only when the engine vibrates strongly. Regardless of this issue, Spectre Performance 8131 is sure to make you happy with its durability.


Spectre Performance SPE-8131 Key Features:

Easy Installation

Non-woven synthetic media providing airflow without any restriction


50,000 miles before the first clean under normal highway driving conditions

Clamp on design


  • Top and base coated with chrome to fight corrosion
  • High-quality filter media
  • Compatible with 3 different sizes of intake
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Long-lasting Performance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low maintenance design - 50,000 miles before the first clean under normal highway driving conditions


  • Loose rubber seal after some time
FRAM engine air filter

FRAM engine air filter with high qualities can be the perfect partner to your car’s vehicle. The unique trait about FRAM engine air filter is that it comes with double air filtering action. this filter traps even the smallest bits of dust and air particles and at the same time keeps the engine safe and clean.

The Fram CA10755 is made from a paper material that has more surface area to catch any type of small dust particles. This filter paper has been tried and tested vigorously to ensure durability. It can ensure that the engine is not affected in any way. Thus the engine air filter provided a great source of acceleration and horsepower. The filter has also a bright orange rubber frame with white paper panels. This is for those people who want the interior of their cars to be more stylish.

This filter is easy to install and low maintenance. The guide on the box even makes it suitable for amateurs. In addition, it is suitable for many different models and different engine types. It is also associated with the originality of the engine.

Otherwise, the brand ensures that the fit on every single air filter does not disturb the originality of the engine’s function. Moreover, the filter absorbs twice as much debris and particles as other filters do, so that the engine could have maximum protection and the car may run a lot smoother.


FRAM CA10755 Extra Guard Panel Air Filter Key Features:

A weight of 12.8oz

Dimensions of 10.3″ x 2.1″ x 10.8″

Paper air filter type

Every 12,000 miles or once every year to change

Manufacturer’s guide book provided


  • Increases horsepower
  • Low maintenance
  • Traps more particles
  • Twice the power to keep the engine clean
  • Does not disturb the originality of the engine


  • Disposable, not reusable
  • Not sturdy enough

Mann Air Filter

As the Mann Filter company embossed the material design with the paper, the Mann air filter has become one of the most efficient air filters in the market. Their special paper increases the surface area of the filter, so that it can catch a better collection of impurities.

Mann Filter C 3698/3-2 Air Filter

Mann Air Filter

The Mann C3698/3-2 air filter is made from premium embossed paper. Due to its highly stable design, the frame is made from durable flexible plastic for easy installation. It will not crack or tarnish under pressure.

This air filter is designed to increase your vehicle’s overall performance and provide your engine with maximum protection in any weather conditions. The filter captures even the smallest bits in the air. That means the air filter can help the engine keep calmer and quieter. Also, this Mann engine air filter can capture moisture and water droplets. It can improve your car’s mileage up to 10%. This filter is also able to balance the airflow and direct towards the airflow meter, which makes the other components of the car remain safe.


Mann Filter C 3698/3-2 Air Filter Key Features:

Weighs 1.2lb

Dimensions of 14″ x 5.3″ x 2″

Fit in any vehicle filter housing

Recommended 12,000 miles change interval


  • Provides protection against moisture and water
  • Durable material
  • Ensures no noisy sounds coming from the engine
  • Sturdy structure allowing the airflow in the right direction
  • Special paper responsible for a higher surface area


  • High maintenance
  • Needs to be checked and changed often
  • Disposable

Toyota Genuine Engine Air Filter

Genuine Toyota engine air filter are engineered specially for vehicles to help trap airborne contaminants before they reach the engine, which can help prevent premature wear to internal components. In addition, Toyota’s clean ail filter improves engine performance and fuel economy benefits. Otherwise, triple layer filtering gives Toyota genuine air filters their superior ability to trap and retain dirt, dust and other airborne contaminants. And polyurethane resin frames ensure a proper fit that will seal out dirt and reduce noise. The Toyota air filter is one of the best options for your air filter engine for your Toyota car. The company offers a filter for almost every car type.

Toyota Genuine Parts17801-YZZ02 Air Filter

This Genuine Toyota filter 17801-YZZ02 is made from the best quality cotton, featuring a filter element with triple layers. A fine, medium, and a coarse layer enable it to capture and retain varying sizes and kinds of contaminants including dirt and dust. It is soaked in dense quality oil which contaminants and debris stick to. Additionally, the filter’s polyurethane resin frame ensures a good fit, thus sealing dirt and reducing noise.

The filter is ideal for you use for up to 36 months or 30,000 miles if you drive under normal driving conditions. For dusty environments, the filter will serve its purpose for up to 15,000 miles.


Toyota Genuine Parts17801-YZZ02 Air Filter Key Features:

Weighs 0.96oz

Dimensions of 11.7″ x 8″ x 1.8″

Used with Toyota oil brands or other high quality oil brands for this filter

30,000 miles or 3 years replace interval under normal driving conditions


  • Can be used with other brand vehicles
  • Easy installation
  • Provides maximum engine protection
  • Significant improvement in gas mileage
  • Saves tons of money by keeping you from going to the dealership
  • Three layers catch even tiniest particles
  • The polyurethane frame makes for a perfect fit for every car type
  • It works on all models of Toyota cars
  • Fuel economy-benefits


  • Cannot catch water droplets
  • Disposable

ACDelco Car Air Filters

Owned by GM, ACDelco is well-known for its original equipment parts for General Motors vehicles. ACDelco’s filters are primarily made for GM vehicles, but can be used for many non-GM vehicles too. With years of experience, ACDelco promises quality and innovation. The company offers premium aftermarket engine air filters that protect both GM engines as well as non-GM engines from all contaminants that can prematurely damage the vehicle’s engine and internal components.

ACDelco A3181C Professional Air Filter – Cheap Car Air Filter

ACDelco A3181C Professional Air Filter

The ACDelco GM Original Equipment A3181C Air Filter is a high-quality replacement engine air filter. It enhances both the efficiency and performance of the engine to extend its life. The ACDelco engine air filter is designed to protect your engine from the harshest of elements and it increases your engine’s life span. As a result, it supplies the engine with the cleanest air coupled with the least airflow restriction. Moreover, this ACDelco engine filter also has a tight seal. It keeps the unfiltered air from making its way to the combustion chamber. All in all, this ACDelco filter promises superior performance thanks to its excellent flow management, efficiency, and filter capacity.


The ACDelco GM Original Equipment A3181C Air Filter Key Features:

Weighs 4.8 oz

Dimensions of 12.56’’ x 10.03’’ x 2.53’’

Supplies the cleanest possible air with the least airflow restriction to the engine for enhanced performance

Equipped with tight seals to keep unfiltered air from entering the combustion chamber


  • Engineered to OE expectations
  • Meet expectations for fit, function, and form
  • Supplies clean air with hardly any airflow restriction
  • Protects internal components from premature wear
  • Precise filtering capacity
  • Increases engine life


  • Installation might be a little tricky for those changing the filter for the first time

Cleenaire Engine Air Filter

Cleenaire was founded to provide all kinds of filters such as oil, fuel, cabin, and engine air filters. As both a wholesale dealer and parts supplier, they proceed their own manufacturing process with their extensive research and product design.

Cleenaire EAF11712 Engine Air Filter

The EAF11712 engine air filter was made from high quality materials. Its thick rubber seals can help it fit comfortably in your filter box. Because the filter uses an excellent filtering medium, it has a high capacity to capture harmful debris that attempts to enter the engine and causes damage and wear. At the same time, the filter keeps the proper airflow so that your engine continues to run smoothly. Exceeding OEM standards, this filter is primarily manufactured for Mazda models. It allows the car to get 1.5 MPG to 2 MPG over a dirty filter. There are many other benefits you can enjoy with this filter. On a modern fuel-injected car, for example, a filter can help accelerate 11%. Also, it can help extend the life of your engine.

In addition, this air filter is easy to install to any filter housing. It optimizes the clean airflow and reduces the amount of debris passing through your engine. This will extend the life of the engine and balance fuel injection.


Cleenaire EAF11712 Engine Air Filter Key Feature:

Weighs 12.8oz

Dimensions of 11.5″ x 7.6″ x 2″

Compatible with most vehicles

Fits easily into any housing case

Suggested 12,000 mile change interval


  • Easy Installation
  • Durability
  • Extremely affordable price
  • Fits snugly


  • Not reusable
  • Only available for specific Mazda models

Genuine SubaruEngine Air Filter

The Subaru of America Foundation established in 1984, maintain like-new performance. They provide Genuine Subaru OEM Parts and Accessories from Subaru Parts Online. The genuine replacement parts such as Genuine Subaru engine air filter meet tested safety requirements and match Subaru’s proven performance standards, which helps provide a trusted installation and lasting life.

Genuine Subaru 16546AA10A Element Air Filter

The Genuine Subaru 16546AA10A is a reliable engine air filter to withstand the harshest environments. The Genuine Subaru 16546AA10A is made from premium material ensuring the quality and durability of the air filter. This air filter, OEM manufactured, is made from excellent quality synthetic fiber. Although it’s made with the best materials, it’s not expensive.

It has a sturdy polyurethane resin frame capable of fitting into any housing compartments, so that it’s easy to install. The frame reduces engine noises. Also it saves money and time.

The design of trip layer filter elements makes it enable filter the smallest particles, which increases your vehicle’s overall performance and ensures the safety and longevity of your engine.


Genuine Subaru 16546AA10A Engine Air Filter Key Features:

Weighs 1lb

Dimensions of 8.9″ x 8.8″ x 1.5″

Includes a cover

OEM with no installation hassles

30,000 miles suggested change interval


  • Triple layer filter elements to trap the smallest of particles
  • Easy to install
  • Airtight fitting
  • Quality material
  • Exceptional OEM filter


  • Non-reusable filter

A car’s air filter can be compared to a person’s respiratory system. People may breathe polluted air in the environment, and people’s respiratory system filters out as much pollution as possible. The engine air filter can also provide clean fresh air for the engine of a vehicle. You may notice a big difference when you install performance air filters in your car because it works extra hard so that your engine gets more horsepower. To experience a smooth performance, it is important to choose the best car engine air filter and keep it clean and up to date. Hope this article will help you choose the right approach.

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