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Bosch® Filter Guide & Review-Learn Car Filters Brand Culture

This automotive supplier’s oil filters are known for their excellent performance, tightness and heat dissipation. Filters can prevent pollution, such as metal dust and combustion residues, and also reduce engine wear. Bosch provides a variety of oil filters for 95% of cars currently on the market.


History of Bosch

The history of Bosch starts with many first steps. The step into independence, onto the automotive market, into markets outside Germany, and onto the factory floor of major manufacturing. Here are 6 main steps as following:

  • 1886-1905: The beginnings

In 1886, Robert Bosch founded the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart.

In 1898, he founded the first Bosch company outside Germany in London together with the Englishman Frederic Simms.

  • 1906-1925: Global steps

Business in the United States was so successful that in 1912 Bosch started manufacturing its star product in a factory of its own in Springfield, Massachusetts.

  • 1926-1945: Cars and beyond

Many years in the making, in 1927 an innovation came to fruition that would last right up to this day — the diesel-injection pump. This was the reaction of Bosch to the further development of diesel engines, which in contrast to gasoline engines required no magneto ignition. Initially used only in trucks, the first diesel-injection pump for cars went to market in 1936.

When the National Socialists assumed power, this also presented Bosch with major challenges. The company’s foreign sales reached a low of nine percent in 1939.

  • 1946-1959: reconstruction

By 1945, more than 50% of the Bosch plant facilities in Germany had been destroyed by Allied bombs. It was until 1960 for international sales to once again exceed 20 percent at Bosch.

  • 1960-1989: new business

The 1960s through to the 1980s were marked by transformation at Bosch, turning it into a diversified group with self-managed divisions, a global company, and the market leader in automotive electronics.

  • Globalization since 1990

The Iron Curtain came down, Asia provided new markets, and software opened up new opportunities for Bosch. The last three decades have brought rapid economic change, which the company has to face head-on.


ACDelco Information

  • Tel: +49 711 400 40990


Bosch Filters Near Me

You can buy Bosch Auto Parts at a number of online retailers and retail stores near you through the Bosch Filters Near Me.


Bosch Features

  • Bosch Premium Oil Filters utilize an exclusive blend of cellulose and glass fiber materials in the media for superior oil filtration and greater capacity for engine protection.
  • With 99% efficiency, the Bosch Premium Oil Filter traps both large and microscopic particles from entering the engine. And, with a media that can hold up to 14 grams of dirt and particles, conventional and semi-synthetic motor oil users can count on premium engine protection.
  • Based on ISO 4548-12 at 20 microns on D3500.


Bosch Filter List

Bosch oil filters accompany a larger FILTECH filter base, which is larger than conventional filters. There are some star products of Bosch Oil Filters:

  • Bosch 3300 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter
  • Bosch 3312 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter
  • Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter
  • Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter
  • Bosch D3314 Distance Plus High Performance Oil Filter


Bosch Oil Filter Cross-reference

Use the oil filter cross reference site to get your needed Bosch oil filters.


Best Bosch Oil Filters

Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

With Bosch 3323 Premium oil filters, you can keep your engine oil clean at your fingertips. They use Bosch FILTECH technology, a mixture of traditional and industrially made materials, effective filtration and advanced wear protection measures.

The Bosch 3323 has a larger filter area and can filter more dangerous pollutants than a normal filter. Rugged steel chassis and housing ensure a tight fit without any distortion or leakage, silicone anti-reflux valve ensures a clean oil supply when you start your vehicle.

Bosch FILTECH’s filter plate is 42% larger than a traditional filter, and the filter channel is nearly 30 percent higher than a traditional filter, which can screen out more harmful pollutants. This enables it to protect your engine from unsafe particles and debris, preventing premature wear and engine damage.

It will satisfy your specific application of the engine. They fit better, do more and provide more insurance for your engine than other brands of filters. Bosch 3323 Premium oil filters meet or exceed all OEM guaranteed needs and will continue to work for a long time.

Not only do Bosch 3323 Premium oil Filters fit with the unique OE filter, but they also use unique and engineered blends in the media for unparalleled oil filtration and increased engine safety. With Bosch 3323 Advanced oil Filter, you can maintain your engine life management.


  • The exclusive FILTECH technology filters more harmful pollutants to increase engine safety
  • Sturdy steel base plates and housing protect warping, breakouts, and poor fit
  • Silicone anti-drain valve guarantees a clean oil supply when the car is started
  • The high lubricity seal configuration provides a tight seal yet easy evacuation
  • Double screwed, rolled seam forms a solution-free canister


  • Cellulose paper on filter component No better than synthetic
  • Stamped steel base no better than actual spring
  • 20-micron filter paper no better than 15 micron
Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

During ignition, the car engine pulls in the soil, water and other dangerous contaminants, which can damage the car engine. The Bosch 3330 has a solution for this as an oil filter.

Bosch 3330 installation is simple and you can use it on all kinds of vehicles.

Its silicone hostile to reduce back valve delivers clean oil when the engine starts. It usually has a longer service life than a standard nitrile elastic valve. In addition, it uses the latest FILTECH technology and a special mix of traditional and industrial-grade materials to make the filter media 100% safe.

Unlike the traditional filters on the market, which have a ceiling of 7.4 grams from floor to ceiling, the Bosch 3330 can hold up to 29.1 grams of dust and other particles. Bosch oil filter is made of steel base and plates with the double screw and sealed holder. It prevents spills and warps, giving it superior burst quality.

In addition, its filtration area is 42% larger than that of ordinary oil filters. The manufactured medium filter is 20% thicker than the standard filter on the market. It works with wires, traps, and filters out large amounts of contaminants, even tiny particles, to ensure that your engine is protected.


  • Uses advanced FILTECH technology that guarantees powerful screening
  • Comes with metal end caps that provide remarkable seal filter elements
  • Comes with high lubricant gasket design that will offer a tight seal yet easy to remove
  • There is a high oil flow rate
  • Durable membrane reinforced with a thick steel wall protect it from harsh conditions


  • Flimsy external packaging
  • Some customers complain of poor quality
  • An external contractor creates filters for this item
Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

Bosch 3312 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

Bosch 3312 oil filter are designed for longevity and ease of installation. Likewise, they are machined with durable steel base plates and lodgings that avoid warping, leakages, and poor fit. Get and effectively introduce the Bosch oil filter on your car.

Bosch 3312 oil filter has a long life and easy to install. Again, they are manufactured from a durable steel base and lodgings that avoid warping, leakage, and poor fit.

It is highly adaptable because it can be used with any artificial or conventional oil. It is made of rugged and overwhelming inspection steel base plates and a great measuring case. And it uses PTFE gaskets, making it easier to manufacture. In addition, its implementation is extremely efficient.

Another very viable component that affects the Bosch 3312 oil filter is the double-threaded, moving groove. The structure is a non-release canister, thus extending the life of the filter. It has a range of several miles, which would need to be replaced.

Unlike many brands, the Bosch 3312 engine oil filter can filter out more harmful pollutants, more prominent car insurance. Therefore, the designed oil filter is perfect for long journeys.


  • It is adaptable as it can be used with either Synthetic or regular oil
  • It is sturdily worked with substantial custom steel base plate and an overwhelming check case
  • This is a superior oil filter that screens more unwanted substance and keeps the oil clean for the more extended period
  • They have a predominantly blasted safe quality, as they are worked with a thicker outer casing


  • Insubstantial external packaging
  • An external contractor creates filters for this item
  • Stamped steel base no better than actual spring
Bosch 3312 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

Bosch 3300 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

The Bosch 3300 is also equipped with FILTECH technology, which effectively filters out large amounts of unsafe pollutants from the oil and gives your vehicle improved engine performance.

It also comes with a rugged steel base to prevent poor fits, leaks and warping. The anti-drain back valve is designed from silicone, which is more grounded and lasts longer than rubber. This ensures that the car has a perfect oil supply at every takeoff. This prevents dry start, which is harmful to the engine.

This leak-free canister is due to double bolt seam rolling to avoid leakage. The seal is highly lubricated to ensure easy removal and a tight seal. Bosch 3300 filter plate is 42% larger than traditional filter plate and has about 30% higher channel. This makes it possible to deal with less safe pollutants.


  • It is flexible, as it can be used with either synthetic or conventional oil
  • It's ruggedly engineered with a sturdy gauge Steel plate and an extensive case
  • The heavy outer gauge and steel base bringing about superior burst resistance
  • This is an elite oil filter that can hold more unwanted materials and is designed to keep the oil clean for an extended ride


  • Comes with a stamped steel base which inferior to actual spring
  • The thinker eternal makes it heavy
  • Filters are said to be coming from an external manufacture
Bosch 3300 Premium FILTECH Oil Filterjpg

Bosch D3314 Distance Plus High Performance Oil Filter

The Bosch D3314 Advanced FILTECH oil Filter is a compelling product that can be used effectively on vehicles in Asia and even Europe. It is made of solid materials and lasts a lifetime. It comes with a highly lubricated gasket to provide a tight seal.

The advanced filter medium of this filter includes the capacity to hold up to 14 grams of dirt in the filter medium. One reason that many people like this filter is that it keeps the oil clean and more for superior engine performance. You can drive miles before changing the oil filter.

Bosch D3314 oil filter has a highly lubricated seal, providing a tight seal. Despite their speed, the seals were easy to evacuate. This will prevent oil leakage.


  • Easy to assemble and apply
  • Designed for durability
  • They avoid spilling and warping with their sturdy steel base and bearing
  • It has an intense mechanism that can filter out more dangerous contaminants to increase safety
  • It has silicone that counteracts the check valve, which ensures that pure oil is provided when the vehicle is started


  • Some users say that the filter does not perform as described
  • Massive external case not convenient
  • Unnecessary extra microns
Bosch D3314 Distance Plus High Performance Oil Filter


Bosch Oil Filter Reviews

Bosch is the world’s largest supplier of automotive components. The FILTECH is their premium line of oil filters and it is high-performance oriented.

Bosch Premium FILTECH Oil Filter review

This German-made filter comes with exclusive FILTECH media technology that filters out more harmful contaminants for greater engine protection. As the other top filters reviewed, it also contains a silicone anti-drain back valve to prevent dry starts. That is a standard in high-performance oil filters.


  • German Engineering, American Made
  • 99% Particle Filtration
  • 42% More Media Surface
  • Outstanding Price-Quality ratio
  • Over 10 different models, covering almost every car made


  • Only 14 Grams of Capacity, 50% less than Mobil1


Bosch Oil Filter Comparison

Comparing Bosch With Similar Oil Filter Brands

  • Bosch Vs. FRAM

The FRAM oil filter is generally lower cost, which is why many consumers choose this option. However, the majority of FRM filters can’t compete with Bosch in terms of performance. We prefer the Bosch oil filter if you aren’t worried about cost, but would rather purchase quality.

  • Bosch Vs. Mobil 1

While both of these brands are exceptional, Bosch oil filters are created with a longer service life. Because of this, you won’t have to change the oil filter as often as you would with many Mobil 1 counterparts.

  • Bosch Vs. Wix

While both of these companies provide reliable oil filters, the Wix options seem to have larger inlet holes. The Bosch models and similar options tend to come with smaller inlet holes, which could affect performance.

  • Bosch Vs. Mann

Both Bosch and Mann oil filters are German-engineered, which proves the exceptional quality. It’s difficult to choose between the two as they both provide performance, superior filtration, and reasonable pricing.

  • Bosch Vs. K&N

Overall, many auto enthusiasts swear by the K&N oil filters, even over the Bosch options. These high-performance filters tend to outlasts Bosch and come with superior construction, unlike most other companies.

  • Bosch Vs. Purolator

The Bosch and Purolator PureONE filters are indeed nearly 100% identical. To choose between the two, it’s best to go with what’s going to cost less for your vehicle.

  • Bosch Vs. ACDelco

If you want an OEM part for your GM vehicle, you would choose an ACDelco oil filter. However, most people are looking to upgrade the performance, which is when the Bosch oil filter becomes a better option.


Where to Buy Bosch Filters Online

Buy Bosch oil filters online have many approaches. You can go to their websites or other online shops.

  • Bosch After Market
  • Bosch Auto Parts
  • Bosch-promo
  • Bosch Oil Filter on Walmart
  • Bosch Oil Filter on Amazon
  • Bosch OilFilter on eBay

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